VISION: Henry Ford HS students should be committed to excellence in their education as well as their chosen careers.We envision future alumnus of Henry Ford High School as leaders called upon to champion local, state, national and global affairs. As leaders in our communities and CEOs of companies and industries with ground breaking developments in Science, Medicine, Robotics and Engineering. They will be key contributors in Environmental and Agricultural advancements. Their leadership and scholarship will be known throughout the globe, and their commitment to guide, mentor and help one another shall be second to none!MISSION: Henry Ford High School Alumni Association is a volunteer driven organization dedicated to preserving excellence with each undertaking. Operating as liaisons between its trustees, school administration, students, families, surrounding communities and alumni worldwide. Henry Ford High School will have a 100% graduation rate. And every graduate present or past will have the resources and support to acquire greater educational opportunities with knowledge and confidence. Our mission is to involve the greatest possible number of alumni from Henry Ford High School on an annual basis, by creating a range of programs and services so appealing that alumni will seek to remain engaged with the school and each other.